Balena Pi0 repeater problems

Seems to be able to connect before the update but once the pi is online and downloading the updates it becomes online but unable to connect to vpn?

Online (Heartbeat only)

The Pi has the built in wifi and also a 5g belkin dongle attached.
( D-Link DWA-181 - AC1300 MU-MIMO)

What is going on?

Pi0 repeater log:
wifi-repeater_kind-madness-18.10.21_16 42 32_(+0100).txt (1.6 KB)

Hello @MrAppAndCrap

That’s odd. If your Pi 0 is Online (Heartbeat only) indicates that device is unable to connect to the balenaCloud VPN (e.g. a firewall is blocking VPN traffic), and won’t be able to provide remote SSH connections.

Having said that during the last hours we had an API outage (read more on the status page) and some of my devices also had some similar issues.

Could you please check if your device is now online?

Hi there,

I’ll try again tomorrow and let you know how it goes.


I’m still having the same problems today. What I find strange is that before it updates it connects fine.

I’m not sure if it is helpful or not but I have sent you a screenshot of the devices logs etc.

would you like to grant support access on your device and we can check @MrAppAndCrap ?

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Yes of course, I’ll do it now.

Update: You should have acess now :slight_smile:

Could you please share over DM your device ID or the URL of your balenaCloud fleet? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Could you please try to create a fleet, don’t deploy any release. Click Add Device, download the balenaOS and try to get the device only from that. Let me know if that works.

I’ll give that a go and let you know tomorrow.

No luck :frowning:

@MrAppAndCrap tell us more details about what experiment did you try please! Thank you!