how do i flash windows on a usb stick from linux

i dont know how there is’nt any “missing partition table” thread here, this means that the community is smart. sadly im not i need help.
“missing partition table” you’ve heard it a 98bn times already but is still need help with it.
i know what the issue is, but i don’t know how to fix it. this has been bugging me for weeks, and i still dont know how to do it
not even woeUSB works.
i know it sounds stupid but still. help meeeeeee

Hi Stephan, if WoeUSB is not working, then things are going to be complicated I am afraid. As you can probably tell, it is not trivial to setup the proper partitioning manually and writing the proper bits and pieces into their necessary locations. It is far simpler to just use another Windows machine to create a USB stick using the Media Creation Tool. If you must use Linux to do it, I’d actually recommend determining precisely why WoeUSB is failing, and see if they can support you (GitHub, their Forums, etc).