Help making bootable sd card macbook pro m1

Helllo, I have macbook pro m1 and I want to be able to run kali linux on this computer so Im trying to make a bootable sd card , I need help with formatting the card do I have to do this? And hiw do I? And I have flahed it to the usb but when i boot it its only lits macintosh HD to boot from. No usb drive Anyone have any ideas? Thank you


There could be multiple reasons why the boot option is not showing up.

  • you should make sure you flashed the live version of kali to the sdcard
  • you may need to disable some security features in macOS
  • or other mac specific steps
  • for some user resetting the PRAM helped
  • you should have the right scdard flashed without problems. Do you have a “Flash successful” screen when the flashing completes?

by the way this is from kali’s install guide

IMPORTANT! Newer Mac hardware (e.g. T2/M1 chips) do not run Linux well, or at all. This is true for Linux in general, not just Kali Linux.
The model & year of the device will determine how successful your experience will be.

Thank you for the reply. I am running the live boot version for MacBook m1 downloaded directly from kali Linux. What about installing it bare metal is there any risk of this corrupting my max? I’ve never been a fan of running kali this way but I’f there ain’t too much involved doing them I will . Do you know a the r about that?

It has been a long time since I daily drove a Mac (and that was intel) , back then it was no issue to run Windows or Linux on it, whether dual boot or single.
I heard about in the community, even if you need kali only, asahi has some nice posts about linux on M1.