About booting kali O.S.

I flashed twice the iso installer 'coz it does bot work by itself. What can I try next ?

Hello @DVA2TLSE what problems do you have? is there any issue on Etcher?

Did you follow these instructions? Making a Kali Bootable USB Drive on Windows | Kali Linux Documentation

Hello mpous, my issue does not seem to be directly related to any etcher problem.
I have a custom PC with a Gigabyte motherboard under Xubuntu 20.04.
And with several external devices attached. One of those is an USB Samsung_S5 1Tb SSD drive that I wanted to use as an enormous USB key. So I flashed on it the iso of the kali O.S. and nothing happened when I booted the machine, except that the drives I flashed saw their names change to xxxkalixxx and their contents to the ordinary ones of linux OSes, and since it is a debian I can recognize at least the structure of the folders and the initrd.
How can I make it run ?

Ok @DVA2TLSE thank you for the clarification. I think you opened another thread related with this.

Did you follow the steps that my colleague recommended?

If you flashed the .iso to a USB flash drive you will want to boot the computer using that media. 

You may need to adjust your computer's BIOS or boot settings (often by hitting F2 or DEL at startup) to allow booting from the USB. 

Note that installing the OS will overwrite anything currently on the computer's hard drive! 

Let us know if you need any further assistance installing your OS.