Booting Kali Linux for M1

Hi, I’ve been trying to find a way to use kali Linux on my m1 Macbook air because I really need a way to use virtualisation and I didn’t realise I couldn’t until it was too late to return it.

Today I tried to boot off a USB, so I installed balenaEtcher, flashed a USB with a Zsecurity ISO for Kali Linux.

The problem is when I tried to boot off it, It had the Macintosh Boot drive, and the options setting, this is something that is new to me. Does anyone have any ideas about what I’ve done wrong? I’ve attached the info of what is in the boot drive below.

Sorry if I’ve done something stupid. Thanks

From that screenshot, it looks like you flashed the x86 version of Kali Linux, not the Arm64 version (aarch64). That x86 .iso won’t boot on the M1 Mac.

With that said, I am not actually sure if even the Arm version of Kali will boot on the M1 Mac, I’m not so sure you can boot straight into a Linux environment on them, unless that has changed recently.