Helium hotspot miner

Hi i am new to balena and am using it to launch some helium hotspots . The software ima using is the following.


It all seems to be running correctly however I need to test it and am unable to get any of the docker containers to run it’s suppose to be able to run commands such as…

docker exec miner miner info height

When I try to run any docker command it tells me that it’s not a command if anyone could help shine some light on this for me or would be willing to work with me to better understand what’s going on here I would really appreciate it.

Hi @TyrellG, welcome to the Forums. There are a couple of factors to consider here, so here goes.

First and foremost, looking at that GitHub repo, it seems to be the Nebra repo for their particular hardware. While it’s great that they develop in the open, and are big contributors to open-source software, are you using one of their devices? What type of hardware are you deploying to?

Second, does the build complete, and do the containers download onto the device? When clicking on a device name in the Dashboard, and viewing its details, are there about 6 or 7 services running?

Third, balena devices do not run Docker, we build our own container runtime, called balenaEngine. Thus, the command would need to be altered to balena exec miner miner info height… But even more detailed, you need to consider a few other items:

That command assumes the name of the mining container is miner. Looking at the Nebra repo, they renamed it to helium-miner here: helium-miner-software/docker-compose.yml at master · NebraLtd/helium-miner-software · GitHub.

So, I believe your command needs to be altered to balena exec helium-miner miner info height.

Finally, that command needs to be run when SSH’ed into the HostOS, make sure you are not trying to open up a terminal and run that command from inside the mining container itself.

Hope that helps get you going.

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Hello @TyrellG just to complement David’s questions. Do you use an official Helium hotspot with a secure element on the LoRa concentrator? or you would like to run a Data Only Helium Hotspot?

Thank you!

For anyone following along, Nebra was able to resolve this one with the user. The container was restart-looping, and he needed to apply a DBUS patch. Once that was in place, the container stayed running, and he could run his desired commands.