Balena Helium Data Only

I Created my data only Helium miner using the Balena project. I followed all the directions and I can see the miner on the Helium Explorer but when looking at the logs it seems it is offline or not working. I did pay Helium for the Location services and the antenna but the Balena logs show differently.

packet-forwarder JSON up: {“stat”:{“time”:“2022-08-14 15:34:04 GMT”,“lati”:0.00000,“long”:0.00000,“alti”:0,“rxnb”:0,“rxok”:0,“rxfw”:0,“ackr”:100.0,“dwnb”:0,“txnb”:0,“temp”:30.0}}

Can you please tell me how to make it online and in sync with the helium Explorer.

Can you please recommend next steps?


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Hello @izachar123 first of all welcome to the balena community!

did you test the hotspot with a LoRa node with the helium console?

Hi there,
Thank you for your reply. I do not understand the question (new to this). I can see the hotspot on the app and can also see it on the helium explorer.
Can you tell me how I can test it? I added a device on the Helium Console. Now what do I do


Hello @izachar123 thanks for sharing this.

Could you please go to balenaCloud and open the gatewayrs Terminal and type helium_gateway summary info ?

Having said that, could you please share more logs? Looks like you are not receiving LoRaWAN data from any node. This is why i asked you if you have a LoRa node to test if your data-only hotspot worked well.

“key”: “123”,
“name”: “gigantic-qwerty”,
“gateway”: {
“block_age”: 60,
“height”: 1485446,
“key”: “ABC”,
“uri”: “”,
“version”: {
“major”: 1,
“minor”: 13,
“patch”: 7
“fw”: “raspi01-1.0.0-alpha.31”,
“region”: “US915”,
“onboarding”: “XYZ”

I do not have a LoRa node to test. I did install the raspberry hat and RAK2287 after I installed the Balena software. Is there a way to check if the hardware is installed and configured correctly?

Hello @izachar123 could you please share the logs from the device?


Is this what you need? Please let me know if you need more information?

4a2ae060ba2395b51715031ec07ad783_diagnostics_2022.08.19_15.15.16+0000.txt (782.7 KB)
helium-data-hotspot_evil-forest-19.08.22_11_19_37_(-0400).txt (56.3 KB)

@izachar123 on the logs you shared I don’t see anything wrong. Looks like there isn’t any LoRa device nearby where you are based. Is that correct? Best is to test it with a LoRa node as the logs don’t show any issue from my experience!