Getting Started to Balena

I m trying to install and deploy open balena in my system. But then i m getting following error
==> Bootstrapping easy-rsa…

  • Downloading easy-rsa…

gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file
tar: Child returned status 1
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

for the command ```
./scripts/quickstart -U email@address -P
where emailaddress and passwrd was replaced accordingly

Can anybody please help me

Hi @nitu.gupta,

Could you please let us know which host OS you’re trying to install openBalena on, please? This will help us identify what might be going wrong.

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I’ve quickly tried the latest version under Ubuntu, and all seems to be working correctly. As it looks as if it’s failing in the phase where it tries to install easyrsa, there’s potentially a couple of reasons this might go wrong:

  1. The shell being used to execute the setup scripts isn’t supported (for example if you’re trying to run this in a Windows 10 shell)
  2. It’s possible that the attempt to fetch the easyrsa release has failed, and no data is being passed to the underlying tar command that then fails. Does your network have any filtering or firewalls on it which might be blocking the ability for this package to be downloaded?

Yes, Its ubuntu 16.04 version. yes Its office machine and there might be some firewall exceptions. But How do I resolve this? Will I need any firewall exemption?? If Yes then which can you please let me know for the same.

Hi again,

So, the main component required if not already installed is EasyRSA:

If this is not installed, then it will attempt to fetch a specific release from that Github repository and install it before continuing. The error you’re seeing suggests that it can’t fetch the release, which I suspect means your firewall is blocking access to Github (or a set of Github repos). The script in question is the scripts/ shell script.

It is also worth noting that openBalena requires access to the Dockerhub registry ( to pull the openBalena services required to run. You should ensure that your firewall also grants access to the registry to ensure that these images can be pulled.

Hope that helps!

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But i m able to access this site when i type this url in the address bar of the browser.

For Docker registry I m able to pull the images


Here is the script related to downloading EasyRSA ( and it’s using curl to pull the archive down and unzip it. Could you confirm, manually, that you can curl the archive and unzip it on that machine :+1:

cool i wl try that once…