help with the installation

hello is there still active support here that can help me with the installation of openbalena.

[INFO] ACME Certificate request is ENABLED.
==> Creating new configuration at: /home/balena/open-balena/config
==> Bootstrapping easy-rsa…

  • Downloading easy-rsa…
    ==> Generating root CA cert…
    ==> Generating root cert chain for haproxy…
    Enter pass phrase for /home/balena/open-balena/config/certs/root/private/ca.key:
    balena@iot:~/open-balena$ ./scripts/compose up -d # Start instance
    No configuration found; please create one first with: ./scripts/quickstart
    See for help.

unfortunately I do not get further than that

is there no one who can help. or give me a config that i can finally install openbalene

The quickstart script doesn’t work for me when running it once, I’ve to run it three times probably before every file is created. So you could try that, just rerunning the script until there’s some text that states everything went well and you’ve to run the compose up -d.

i have tried this so many times but no result. i would love to use openbelana.