OpenBalena setup - Error running ./scri[pts/compose

I have been trying to install OpenBalena on a VM in but I am getting stuck at running the script that configure Balena. The instructions state to use the following command:

./scripts/quickstart -U email@address -P -d

I made changes to the command by entering my email address, password, and my domain. The message I get is “bash: No such file or directly”. Any help with what I am missing or doing wrong would be awesome.

Did you add a password? -P is password. Example from docs is:

./scripts/quickstart -U email@address -P password -d

If you have unusual characters in the username of password could try it like this:

./scripts/quickstart -U ‘email@address’ -P ‘password’ -d ‘’ ← note the '

And make sure you are in the right directory when executing the command. You should be just above the scripts directory.

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I guess you did include the password. Trying to post my last message the forum hides the <password> string from the post, which must have been what happened with your post above.

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Can you help with the whole log of what you receive on screen? Maybe a line number or other info can help understand what really fails.

Also, I see the command has email as email@address but the meesage says I understand you might have dummy email here, but can you double check and let us know if both email were the same (in the error and arg to the script).

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Hi @mike1!

Just checking in to ask whether you’re still experiencing this problem? If so, could you perhaps send us all of the logging output, and double check the e-mail address as suggested by Nitish?

Kind regards

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Thanks for your help everybody. I was able to run the script by adding the ‘’ around the email address, and I ran the script in the Open-balena directory.

Glad you were able to solve the problem. Let us know if you need further help.