Getting Application Up and Running

Hi all,

I’m new to Resin/Balena. I like what I see and really want to get into it and test its capabilities however I’m hitting a bit of a roadblock.

I have setup a device as a Virtual Box VM following this guide:

I used image downloaded from BalenaCloud for application I created. VM starts, after usual linux type boot output Balena logo is display. I used the dev image version.

For the application to test with I’m following the getting started guide and using:

After pushing to balena remote from my application using command in getting started guide I receive the following:
[Success] Successfully uploaded images
[Success] Release successfully created!

Followed by the unicorn etc…

My VM device appears on the Devices tab for the application and has status of ‘Online’.

The release pushed appears on the ‘Releases’ tab with ‘Succeeded’ status.

Unfortunately however the release is never pushed to my device. I can’t see any reason why it isn’t or any way to make it happen.

Have tried starting from scratch several times.

Any help appreciated.


Hi Chris,

Could you please share the dashboard url to this device and enable support access?

It doesn’t sound right that you don’t get any errors but the release is not pushed fine. We need to take a closer look at the device to understand what’s wrong.


Hi Firat,
I have granted access and the dashboard url is:


Thanks, we’re having a look

@samothx and I found that the issue is that they’re inside the flasher image, and flashing the virtual HD fails with the following errors:

root@01eab24:~# /usr/bin/resin-init-flasher
[resin-init-flasher] INFO: Board specific initialization...
[resin-init-flasher] INFO: resin-init-flasher configuration found.
[resin-init-flasher] INFO: resin configuration found.
[resin-init-flasher] INFO: Flash internal device... will take around 5 minutes...
[resin-init-flasher] INFO: sda is our install media, skip it...
[resin-init-flasher] ERROR: Failed to find any block devices in nvme0n1 sda sdb mmcblk0 mmcblk1.
[resin-init-flasher] Cleanup.

This seems like an issue in the NUC flasher, since /dev/hd* drives should be valid, I’d assume. @agherzan @spanceac

@dash, found some more info ^^

Also, out of curiosity @dash, did you follow the section about making the drive a SATA-attached drive in VirtualBox?

@dash, I have quickly verified using a 2.26.0 image, that your setup should work if your vbox hard drive is set up as a sata device. You also should remove the flasher image after the first boot , otherwise it will attempt to flash again.

Thanks for your help @brownjohnf & @samothx. It was the order of devices on the Virtual Box SATA controller. A bit rookie of me. All working now.

I guess the only thing I would add for feedback is that it wasn’t clear to me anywhere that the OS flash had failed from either the BalenaCloud UI device dashboard or device stdout.

Thanks again. Will continue to explore product, will look at signing up and testing with multi container deployment next.

No worries! We’ve been discussing the updates we need to to make to the blog post to make things clearer, and that’s good feedback regarding the error reporting.