Cant login to balenaos running on virtualbox

New to balenaos

balenaos is running on virtualbox

cant login to balenaos … cant find IP address

Hi Vivek,

Welcome to the community!

Have you followed a guide to install balenaOS on virtualbox?
It’d be good to see the steps you followed so we could see if there is something off with the guide you used.

Next, do you see the balena logo in your virtualbox? Does balenaCloud dashboard display your device?

We need to understand better at which step you are stuck.

I followed this:

On my virtual box window balena os logo shows

but no

how can I send you the screen shot ?

Does the device not show up on the dashboard?


Actually I haven’t done anything with respect to dashboard. No idea how to set it up.

Please share any link to document which describes how to

Hey @viveksaxena

I’m sure we can get to the bottom of this :slight_smile: Firstly, do you want your virtualbox instance to show up in the balena dashboard? Or are you just interested in running balenaOS on the instance?

If it’s the former, this link should be of some help:

If it’s the latter, and you simply would like to find the device address to SSH into the device, balena-cli should be able to help you, with it’s balena scan command.

Please do let me know if neither of these resources help.