Force Wifi Connect re-prompt?

Hi there, anyone have any recommendations for forcing Wifi Connect (specifically the balena blocks version) to re-prompt for wifi credentials? Doing some modification and testing and am struggling with a way to test the first boot users experience.

Is there an easy way to make forget the existing credentials without re-flashing?


Hi there,
You can plug your SD-Card into another PC or connect via SSH.

  • There is a partition called resin-bootand inside a folder called system-connections
  • inside there you should find a file called resin-wifi-01 (or something like that)
  • In that file you will see a few blocks, one of them being [wifi] and another one being [wifi-security] there should be the ssid and the psk saved, if you edit/delete those fields, then wifi-connect will not recognize the wifi networks anymore, and will prompt the credentials page again.

Give it a try and let us know if you have anymore questions

Thanks @JuanFRidano thats what I was hoping to not have to do. Trying to do this on a Fin inside a sealed up enclosure. Presumably that means there is no other way to do without altering the device physically?

Hi barryjump,

Use balena Dashboard to ssh into the device’s hostOS. From there cd /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections and delete the file with the network configuration you want to remove. This file will have the name of your network like: yournetwork.nmconnection
When the WifiConnect restarts it won’t be able to connect and will launch the portal.

Hopefully, this should work!

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@rmorillo24 thanks a bunch for the tip, works like a charm.

One more semi-related question re: hot swapping system-connections. Can that be done for loading a new (not added to the img) cellular connection profile as well? I’m hoping that I could simply drop the profile in the folder, reboot and then it would work the same as if I had modified the img before the devices first boot?