flashing sd-card 64 GB

after trying to flash 2 sd-cards 64 GB I got errormessages like in the appendix. Is there any way to make such cards run with Boot and Root?

@alwi - What happens if you try to boot them? Do they work? Sometimes Etcher can fail the Validation step if Windows (or Mac) writes its hidden folder to the drive prior to validation completing, as the checksum will no longer match.

Hi, flashing a pinephone64-image and trying to start it, breaks after a short

What do you mean it “breaks” ? The flash does not complete? Or, do you mean the phone starts to boot, but, does not complete?

What is the exact image you are flashing? Where can I find / download it?

During today’s attempts to flash an SD card KIOXIO 65 GB with Manjaro-ARM-
plasma-mobile-pinephone-beta9.img I had the following experience.
(Release Beta 9 · manjaro-pinephone/plasma-mobile · GitHub)

Flash process despite high write speed of the card was very slow.
Error message after verification is attached.
No Booting from this card.

I was able to flash that image without any issue, though I am on a Mac. Can anyone on Windows give it a try, please?

Hi, I’m from the Etcher team. Can you please give the OS and Etcher version you are using? And can you also please tell us the type of SD card you are using (it looks like you are actually using an old MMC card).

Have you tried with another SD card? I could just be that the card is nearing the end of its lifespan.

a part of your question you can find in my mail from 20.01.22 15:44 (Berlin)

flashing with other linux-apps had the same frustrating experiences.
So I stored the card anywhere.
Later I tried an USB-Stick with a card-slot. It works.
I assume, my card-slot and even my USB-slots do not work propper. If I have
problems with USB 3, I try USB 2.

So far.
sincerly, Albrecht