Flashing Raspin OS to SD card; password fail with no error code

I’m trying to flash raspian onto an SD card and it will ask for my password and it will take my password and then do nothing, and won’t give me an error. I know it’s the correct password because if in enter the incorrect one the password prompt re appears but when I type in the correct one it disappears.
Mac os catalina, kingston sd card reader, san disk SD, raspin buster full downloaded today (12/11/19 M/D/Y)

Does it work if you run etcher with sudo: sudo /Applications/balenaEtcher.app/Contents/MacOS/balenaEtcher ?

Can you please also tell which version of Etcher you are using ?

Nevermind, My schools admin settings block writing to drives so I just need to go get on an unsrestrieced computer. Thanks for the quick response tho.