Flashing of RaspberryPi image to SSD fails


I’m trying to flash the most recent Raspbian image 2018-11-13-raspbian-stretch-lite.img to a 120 GB SSD drive, using Etcher 1.5.0 in Windows 10 64-bit. After clicking “Flash!” Etcher warns about the size of the drive, but then says “Starting”, and after a while an error message appears (“The writer process ended unexpectedly. …”,

see attachment).

Note that before I was able to format the SSD drive from Windows 10, so the drive appears to be accessible in general.

The error message says that I should contact the Etcher team, so I hope this forum is the right place for doing this. If not, please tell me how I should contact the Etcher team otherwise.


Update: I now was able to flash the image to the SSD drive using Win32DiskImager, so apparently there actually is a problem in Etcher that prevents successful flashing of this SSD drive. This is a 120 GB Intenso SSD drive attached with an USB-to-SATA adapter to a Windows 10 computer.

@stm could you try with etcher 1.5.5? 1.5.0 had an issue with some drives on windows.