Flashing img.bz2 struggles with double extension



I used SelfImage v1.2 to create an imagefile from a flashcard in windows 10. It can create an img.bz2
However when I want to flash this image (955MB) back to the flashcard with “balenaEther portable 1.4.8” it finished in a few seconds. After which my flashcard is empty.

It DOES also NOT work when I remove the “.” in the .img.bz2 So there is only a .bz2 extension.
I thought it did but when I compare the md5 hash from an image made of the programmed flashcard to the original it does NOT match.

(my image is a disk image with 3 partitions)

TO ADD to this:
When I uncompress the .img.bz2 file with 7zip and compare this md5 with the original .img it matches.

Is this a bug?



I just flashed a RaspberryPi image archived as .bz2 with Balena Etcher 1.4.8 and it worked fine.

The board booted without problems.

About comparing md5sum of flashed drive vs md5sum of image files. Please note that from the moment your medium gets mounted after flashing procedure, some metadata will be added to your partitions and the md5sum of the flashed medium will differ from the original image.

So if you want to be sure that your flashed medium has the same md5sum with the image you flashed, disable Etcher to automount your partitions after flashing.