Flash Failed in all situation

I have the latest version ( on windows, and every time i try to flash an iso on a usb i can’t, even if i change the usb, the port, or the iso file (i’ve checked the checksum and it’s ok)

Someone can help me? where can i find log files?

Hi Sami, a couple of quick questions for you:

What is the exact error you receive when you attempt to flash a file?
What is the exact image file that you are attempting to flash? Ubuntu? Windows, perhaps?

You can access the logs via the Developer Tools, which is Control-Shift-I … try burning an image, then paste the logs here for us to have a look at. Thanks!

Hey, i’m attempt to flash archlinux-2021.04.01-x86_64!
i receive “flash failed” image|690x414

I can’t understand where can I find the log, btw this is what I found on the “console” page

Hi, in the logs I see the error is about input/output which is often due to hardware failure of some sort, so I would try performing a disk check with windows tools in case it’s something related to the disk and/or re-download the image on another disk. There’s little we can do for this type of error unfortunately