Flash failed: "cannot read property"

I’ve been using Etcher without issues for several months. Recently I updated Etcher to 1.7.1 in arch linux and when I try to flash an ISO file I get this error message at the end: “Something went wrong . . . Cannot read property ‘message’ of null”. I flashed the same ISO with Rufus (Windows) without issues.

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same happening here. cant find any solution

Under Ubuntu as well as in Windows Etcher recently throws this error …

Just tried with 1.7.0 and it works!

Hello @tabas

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Please could you provide details of exactly which ISO file you were trying to flash and what type/size of device you were using. This will help us to try and reproduce the issue here.

Thanks - Mark

@markcorbinuk I was trying to flash this Linux ISO to an USB stick where I successfully flashed isos in the past using Etcher.

It seems the problem has been reported here too.

So I signed up to just say I have the same problem. I thought it was my iso that I repeatedly redownload with md5. Same goes in windows. Though, I can boot to my usb.

I have the message cannot read property ‘message’ of null my version is 1.7.1 and I tried to flash ef981e841a0928b8dd164cda09db0e89 elementaryos-6.0-stable.20211130.iso
(the hash is a md5 hash)

Hi, we really appreciate everyone letting us know this is a recurring problem, we don’t have a solve yet but I wanted to let you all know that the issue has been raised internally and we are working on it.

It seems a fix has been committed for the next version

@tabas thanks for being alert, yes v1.7.3 should make the problem disappear.