Finding when device last checked for update (or will check next)

we have set on our fleet:
What I’d like is to know, when the device last checked for an update and when it will check next? Is this information somehow available? Can I query the supervisor for this?

Background: I’ve set the fleets the setting above for testing purposes and I pushed a new release.
For > 1 hour none of the devices started the update. This could be coincidental or I fear that they will have the same cycle, so all of them will query for the update at the same time and also update at the same time. Or is this somehow defined as random?

That’s why I’d like to check on the different devices when they checked last time or when they will check next time.


Hello @fritz

I don’t believe that it is possible to check the time remaining until the next supervisor update poll (I have asked the supervisor developers to confirm this).

However, looking at the documentation for configuration variables here I can see that this period is randomised between 0.5 and 1.5 times the defined value for cases where BALENA_SUPERVISOR_INSTANT_UPDATE_TRIGGER is set to false. Hopefully this will reduce the peak demand on your network.

Regards - Mark

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Hi @markcorbinuk ,

thanks for your answer. Indeed, I was just too impatient :wink:
After waiting a bit more, exactly that was written in the documenation and you stated above happened. I just missed the 0.5-1.5 factor part. I thought, every device will start at some point in time and then always do exactly at the specified time the check and was in fear that they might all start at the same time.
Thank a lot for clarification, all good now!