Tracking what changes in each update (OS/Supervisor)

We’ve just done a bit of an update to approx 50 of our device fleet, but without going into the CHANGELOGs for both the os and supervisor separately, is there a single location we can find the notable changes between Host OS updates?

Obviously we don’t want to be running updates all the time, but we do like to keep things up to date. It’d be good to know what has been fixed / improved with each version. Is there a mailing list or similar that we can subscribe to to be notified of new updates?



Thanks for getting in touch with this feature request!
We have been thinking of making such a feature available so that users can subscribe to updates somehow - though we don’t have an ETA on it yet. A RSS feed for different device types would make sense perhaps!

Yup an RSS feed or perhaps something similar to your status page notifications. I’m not sure what would work best but even a slightly better CHANGELOG which incorporates changes and things to look out for. Sometimes the commit messages aren’t detailed enough and you need to go and see what has actually changed. Just some constructive criticism - overall Balena rocks!

Thanks for your feedback !

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