Faulty flashing to SD cards

I have been using the etcher pro for quite some time and recently I am experiencing a lot of issues when flashing. I boot the SD card in my red pitaya, am able to log in but then nothing after. All the LEDs on the red pitaya show that it has booted, is reading the card and it is working but one can still not connect to it. Over 10 cards out of 15 have this issue when flashing with the etcher pro but when I use the version on my computer to flash, this error does not happen. I have been unable to connect to my wifi in my office as I cannot put the security options required for it so maybe this is from being outdated?

Hi there, perhaps lack of updates could be a factor (we recommend to update when possible), but we can try to discard other causes as well. If you mount the SD card flashed with the etcher pro on you PC, can you see the resin-boot volume? Do you see a config.json file on that directory? How do the contents differ from the contents of a config.json on an sd card flashed using your PC? Do you see any custom network configuration under the system-connections folder? Are the network configuration/credentials set properly? Please let us know of your findings, thank you

Is there a way to update without wifi? I cannot get it connected to wifi so therefore, can not update. I have to put a username and password to connect to our office wifi but only a password option shows up when I try to connect.

Hello Robyn, please send us an email at store@balena.io so that we can first identify your device then try connecting it via an USB to Ethernet adaptor and possibly resolve your issue remotely using balena cloud, thanks!