After Update 3 SD Cards Destroyed

I updated Etcher over the weekend, I have tried to flash 3 SD cards and all 3 cards are no longer working.

Hey, what do you mean by no longer working? Can you describe what you did exactly, and provide your host OS type (for example windows has trouble detecting/using linux flashed SD cards) and which image you flashed to the cards please?

Do you mean that you were flashing the same/similar images that you used to flash with an older version of Etcher, but they fail to flash with a newer version of Etcher? Could you provide more details about the new version? Does it print any errors in the dev console? On Windows, you can open the dev console Ctrl+Shift+i. On Mac, it’s Cmd+Option+i. Also, check the following documentation for card recovery:

And note that you can also download and install older versions of Etcher, by downloading them directly from the GitHub releases page: