Etcher wont flash

I am trying to flash recall box onto my SD card with etcher and every time i try to flash etcher displays an error saying that the flash stopped unexpectedly, i have tried plugging it into different USB ports
and looking inside the console for errors with Ctrl+shift+i, and there were 0 errors, please help.

Hey @kyle welcome to the forums.

What version of Etcher are you using? Are you on Windows?

I am using balena etcher version 1.5.45 and i am running windows 7 ultimate

Can you try to update the Etcher’s version to the newest and try again? Thank you

I will try it now and post if it doesn’t work, Thanks!

Let us know if it works as well :slight_smile: Thank you Kyle!

OK so it didn’t work this time so i checked the console for errors and found this: gui.js:44749

  "stack": "Error: Command failed: cmd /c \"C:\\Users\\QUANTU~1\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\balena-etcher-electron–992-rIE2wu7MhxtJ-.cmd\"\r\n\n at file:///C%3A/Users/QuantumProdigy/AppData/Local/Programs/balena-etcher/resources/app/generated/gui.js:66179:41\n at FSReqCallback.readFileAfterClose [as oncomplete] (internal/fs/read_file_context.js:61:3)",
  "message": "Command failed: cmd /c \"C:\\Users\\QUANTU~1\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\balena-etcher-electron–992-rIE2wu7MhxtJ-.cmd\"\r\n",
  "code": 3,
  "image": "recalbox-rpi2 (1).img.xz"

Hello @kyle

Which Etcher version did you use ?

right now I am using the latest one, 1.5.115, but it also happend with 1.5.45

OK, so i had to use a different flashing thing but now i cant get it to start up, it just displays the PAC-MAN ghosts and the recalbox logo, but it wont start, i am also running version 7.1.1, and it has been doing this for about an hour.

If you used another utility to flash the drive, and you see a splash screen but it never finishes booting, it’s possible your SD card is faulty. This would also explain why Etcher failed to complete the flash. Do you have another card you can try with?

No i don’t, but every other OS works with it, and apparently a lot of other people have had the same problem with Recalbox after update 6.0, so i just decided to go and get Batocera, which is a lot like Recalbox, and it works! so i will just stick with Batocera for now, but if you ever find a possible fix to the Recalbox problem, let me know, ill leave this topic open for solutions. :slight_smile: Peace!

Thanks Kyle, I’m glad you found a solutions that works for you. Hopefully this will be helpful for other users too. Enjoy!

I will, thanks!