Failed to download image

About 2 days ago I did a deploy and pushed it to resin. After the successful push, the download of the new image to the devices fails with this error:

21.05.18 09:07:44 (+0200) Failed to download image '' due to 'Got 404 when requesting delta from storage.'
21.05.18 09:07:45 (+0200) Downloading delta for image ''

First I thought that it would be a temporary problem, but it has been several days now and the image hasn’t been downloaded.

Any suggestion?

We are already working on a fix for this.
We will get back to you as soon as the fix gets released.
In the mean time you should be able to get things to work by temporarily disabling deltas from the application’s fleet configuration page and pushing a new commit.

Could you also Grant Support Access from the actions menu of the device’s page and then send us the dashboard url of the device to investigate this further?


I disabled deltas and now it started to download something but, I’m not sure what release is it downloading?!
What is that option for, and what does enabling/disabling deltas mean?


It should be downloading the latest available release, except if you have pinned the device on a specific release.

Deltas are used as a way to reduce the download size whenever a device pulls a new container, but let me point you to the respective documentation page about that:

A fix for this issue was just deployed.
Thank you for your report!