ethcer creates random new drives?

Hi. I am trying to flash the jetson image to a new SDXC card. I format the card and sometimes it says “Please insert disk into drive”. To combat the issue I create a partition and then that seems to fix the issue as I can save and move files with the SD card. However, when it comes time to flash, Etcher says flash complete but then opens up tens of drives of all random letters. My windows explorer looks like this:

So I dont know whether the flash was a success? When I go into Drive Management after a flash attempt I see that there has been some new volumes created. Why is etcher doing this? My card works fine when transferring files but when it gets flashed etcher somehow opens up multiple random drives to the point of nearly crashing my pc.

And after the flash my removable disk is randomly split into two partitions, one being unallocated

Hi Daniel,

If I’m understanding correctly, it looks like the image has indeed flashed properly. If Etcher validates the destination successfully, it’s been written properly. The reason you’re seeing a number of new drive letters that are inaccessible is because of the partition layout of the Jetson firmware, and Windows detecting these partitions, but being unable to read the contents. This is not Etcher doing this, but Windows itself responding to the contents of the disk after flashing the OS. If you flash another Linux based OS with a filesystem that’s not recognized by Windows, you’ll get similar results.