EtcherPro weird fan noise

We are aware of a weird noise that the EP fan produces. The noise comes from a bug on the configuration of the fan but doesn’t affect performance. We are working on the issue which will be fixed in the near future with a software update. For your device to take any future application or OS updates, it just needs to be powered on and connected to the internet.


Hi @konmouz :smile:

The problem is still present in BalenaOS v2.82.0

Is there a schedule for a new Release?

Best Regards!

Hey Markus,

No we haven’t tackled this issue yet. Since it doesn’t affect the performance, we are currently working on more urgent issues. I know it might be annoying sometimes, apologies for this.

No Problem,

I see your point there. :smile:

This issue is now resolved, check here: EtcherPro progress updates - #81 by konmouz