Balena Etcher Pro Not Booting

My company recently purchased a Balena Etcher Pro and it arrived at our location this past Friday August 4th, 2023. I followed the instructions provided from the “Getting Started” QR Code on the screen. After this we were able to get the Etcher to come on. Immediately after, I tried to burn a few Micro SD Cards as a Test. After not even 2 min the whole device seemingly powered down. After waiting for a few minutes with nothing happening, I double checked the Instructions to make sure that I didn’t miss anything, which I did not. I then unplugged the Etcher waited a few seconds and then plugged it back in. It attempted to boot only to show the “Balena Etcher” screen and then turn off even after waiting for an extended period of time. I checked the forum and it recommended that I connect to Ethernet to allow it to update. I came in this morning to check on it and it booted up like it was supposed to but then maybe 2-3 minutes after it was fully booted on the Balena Screen, it turned off again. Now I try to plug it up and the backlight comes on and then the screen turns off.

Hi there,

I’m very sorry you are experiencing such issues. Can you please email us at mentioning the device serial number, the issue, and the order number? We will get your device replaced asap. It sounds like there is an issue with the power supply malfunctioning.