Etcherpro Firmware Update failed

I think the balenacloud for the etcherpro are the way to Do some settings.
To add a device I must Do the Update from the Firmware. On the right side there is an direction for that.
I need only the production Version of etcher.
I used the etcher-pro-2.107.38-v14.4.8.img

But now, I killed the device? :frowning:
At the Update, the cursor is blinken, then a Black Screen. No LEDs going on or off.
After remove sdcard and setting the Switch to off, there is nothing like the balena Logo.

Can anybody help me?
Thank you!

OK, I See the device now in the balenacloud as active device.
I can restart the device, so I think I have only the Problem with an setting?!
But which?


Hi, you stated that the device now appears in balenaCloud as an active device, do you still just see a balena logo on the etcher pro? Why do you think there is a problem with a setting? Please provide as much information as possible so that we could help troubleshoot :slight_smile: