Etcher only allows me to flash from file or url, I want to select an image

I’m on mac OS and just downloaded Etcher, I want to select an image and flash it to a usb key but it doesn’t allow me to do that

Hello there, could you please follow these steps:

  • open Etcher
  • open the console (by pressing cmd + shift + i )
  • try to flash the image and see what the error comes in the console (of course you can paste it back here if that information doesn’t help you)

also, which version of Etcher are you running?

I’m using v1.5.109 on mac and the interface only asks me to flash from file or from url but there’s no button for me to select an image

So, you see Flash from file but nothing happens when you click it, right?

And I also don’t have the same interface as what’s shown on the website, it shows an interface where you can select an image and then choose your target and then flash but on mine there’s only flash from file, but I only want to select an image not selct a file

send us a screenshot of your interface if it is different

well, an Image is a file, usually ending in .img …

we renamed image to file, but it is the same functionality, let us know if it works