Etcher v1.3.0 release

The latest Etcher is out, get it from!

Most notably this version fixes the notorious “Couldn’t scan drives” error, brings back native OS window management keyboard shortcuts (hide, minimize, quit and friends), and fixes an issue with User Account Control (UAC) handling on Windows.
We also have increased the resilience of the writing process a little; it can now withstand minor hiccups in succession for a longer period of time.


  • Display connected Compute Modules even if Windows doesn’t have the necessary drivers to act on them
  • Add read/write retry delays with backoff
  • Add native application menu (which fixes OS native window management shortcuts not working)


  • Fix “Couldn’t scan drives” error
  • Ensure the writer process dies when the GUI application is killed
  • Run elevated writing process asynchronously on Windows
  • Fix trailing space in environment variables during Windows elevation
  • Don’t send analytics events when attempting to toggle a disabled drive
  • Fix handling of transient write errors on Linux (EBUSY)
  • Fix runaway perl process in drivelist on Mac OS


  • Update Electron from v1.7.9 to v1.7.10
  • Remove Angular dependency from image-writer

No downloadlink found on the homepage :expressionless:?!

Yeah, this release has been pulled due to a bug on Linux which made it nearly unusable; there will be a patch release soon.