Etcher v1.0.0-rc.3 release


The latest Etcher version is out, get it from!

This version makes use of the valuable error reports we received from v1.0.0-rc.1 and v1.0.0-rc.2 to polish some rough edges, and move a bit closer to the final v1.0.0 stable release.


  • Show a user friendly message when the drive is unplugged half-way through.
  • Fix “UNKNOWN: unknown error” error when unplugging an SD Card from an internal reader on Windows.
  • Fix “function createError(opts) {}” error on validation failure.
  • Fix “Unmount failed, invalid drive” error on Windows.
  • Fix Apple disk image detection & streaming.


  • Improve error reporting accuracy.


just wanted to let you know Etcher is great app. easy and fast!!! thanx


Thanks a lot for the nice words! :slight_smile: