Etcher unformatting drive

Hello, I have been trying to use balenaEtcher to make a Pop!OS bootable USB. I let it do everything and it said it succeeded, but when I look in disk management, the flash drive is just all unformatted as if all Etcher did was unformat the drive


That’s quite strange. Can you

  • share the version of Etcher you are using
  • the OS on which you are using Etcher
  • I am assuming this is the latest Pop OS! image - is that right?

Im using v1.5.121
Windows 11 Home
Yes, i am using the latest version of Pop OS!

However, as it showed unformatted and did not show up in windows (maybe because its windows 11), I was able to boot from it and install Pop OS!, so it may just be a bug with windows 11