Etcher suddenly not working on iMac Yosemity


Etcher worked before but when I tried using it today I got this error when the app startup.

I tried re-installing the app and that did not fix it.
What is going on and how do I fix it?
Also the window with the error message has control of the app so to kill it have to go the process table and do a forced quit.

Etcher suddenly not working on Mac Sierra (10.12.6)

If you see that message and can dismiss it, you can just do so and continue using the app normally, although that’s the update notification (fixed in the next version to come) so you might want to update to the latest BalenaEtcher to make it go away


I tried the latest version and I get the same results.

I’m unable to dismiss it because the button you need to click on is off the screen.


@jackcf It might be that you’re still using the old version because the application executable has been renamed to BalenaEtcher