Etcher stuck on "starting" and crashes

I am running Windows 10 with the latest Etcher portable software. The imaging doesn’t flash the SD card and it restarts/blue screens my laptop. It is also stuck on “starting”

Hello @cryptos

Welcome to the balena Forums. I’m sorry that you are experiencing issues when trying to user Etcher.

Please could you provide some further details:

  1. Which version of Etcher are you actually using (latest is 1.5.115)?
  2. Please provide any screen display (screenshot) or error messages produced by Etcher.
  3. Does it make any difference if you run Etcher as an administrator?
  4. Please provide the output of the Etcher console (by pressing Ctrl-Shift-I) when Etcher is running.
  5. Do you get the same results when using a different SD card?