Etcher not working on Firewolf OSX PE 9

Hey guys,

So i’m trying to create a bootable USB stick of Firewolf OSX PE 9 ( and it doesn’t appear as a boot option by any means. Etcher is mentioned as the preferred method in Firewolfs manual. (

Does anyone have any idea what may be the issue?

Thanks in advance.

ps. i do have SIP disabled

Hey there,
can I ask you what are the steps you are trying to do ? we would like to try to reproduce the same situation
In any case I would suggest you to try this approach :

I’m on a Macbook Pro (also trying to boot from the same mac) but i do have System Integrity Protection disabled, like mentioned in Firewolf OSX PE guide.

  1. Downloaded the image from Firewolf OSX PE 9
  2. Ran balenaEtcher last version
  3. choose dmg and usb stick and that’s pretty much it

I would like to ask you if you can try to follow the second point of this guide that I link to you: (2) Restore FireWolf OS X PE under OS X. of this guide please

Tried that, no luck either. I had done that before on previous versions of OSX and it worked. For some reason now it doesn’t (Mojave/Catalina). My hope was Etcher would do it!

Hi @substance44,

I’ve just tried this myself under Mojave following the instructions from Firewolf (using the version of the image including the Clover bootloader), and when I boot up my Macbook I do see the option to boot from the USB stick.

Have you tried an alternative USB stick, to ensure that it’s not a problem with the particular stick you’re using?

Best regards,