Etcher broke my expensive USB it is only 1 month old.


My usb broke after using this software, it is not about being recognizable. It is broken because the LED light doesnt light up anymore?

So when do i get my money back?

Hi @Gester , unfortunately sometimes, things might go wrong, and you end up with a half-flashed drive that is unusable by your operating systems, and common graphical tools might even refuse to get it back to a normal state. I am very sure this is what has happened to your drive and it should be easy to return it to working state that your operating system can use again.
To solve these kinds of problems, we’ve collected a list of fail-proof methods to completely erase your drive in major operating systems. I assume you are most likely running on windows, so you would want to run the following:

@shaunmulligan I told you the USB doesn’t LED light up anymore. So “list disk”, doesn’t show my USB. When do i get my money back?

Hi @Gester, yes I saw that you mentioned that the LED doesn’t light up anymore, but that in itself does not indicate that the USB drive is broken. You might not understand the inner workings of USB and I don’t fully either, but what I do know is that it is almost impossible for software to damage the hardware via the USB bus. There is an incredibly well written article here; on the matter . To help you recover the drive it might be worth trying Rufus or using the new raspberry pi imager SD card flasher which has an option to Erase the disk and format it back to FAT32.

Failing those two, if you have another Linux or MacOS PC at your disposal could you insert the USB drive there and we can test and repartition it from there.

I hope so it is a expensive SanDisk Extreme usb. Will check this later and come back at you. Thanks for the information and for the time.

Both Rufus and rapsberry pi imager doesn’t recognize my USB? How can this be fixed then? I will try with Mac Os. Will let you know.

MacOS has graphical disk utilities of course, certainly give those a try. However, you can also use the command line, which is documented here:

It doesn’t recognize the Usb like i told you. There is nothing else to do then bring it to the store for warranty. This was a 3.1 usb, so maybe the software is not for 3.1 usb’s. I will never use this software again and i recommend people NOT to use this crappy software.

Etcher definitely supports all USB types, including 3.1, and actually, the faster, the better.
All in all, it’s extremely difficult for any software to damage hardware. In case your USB has already been broken and you have a warranty, I’m sure you can ask your local merchandiser for a product replacement.
In Balena, we are willing to help all Etcher users by supporting them and providing them with the right documentation to troubleshoot any issues. However, we have zero tolerance in any verbal, physical, written, or other abuse.
As a reminder, etcher is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. You can find more information about the Disclaimer of Warranty and the Limitation of Liability here:

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