Energenie 2 way pi mote


Have anyone had luck with the energenie 2 way pi mote?

This is a radio device that can get things like current power usage from a power socket. It uses a whole load of pins, various GPIO, SPI* the GPIO14 and 15 in UART modes etc.

I did the modprobe for the i2c-dev driver and I set RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_dtoverlay = pi3-miniuart-bt to enable the UARTs. But still no love from the python libs for this thing.

Same python libs works under debian on the same PI so I know the hardware etc works.

Any ideas?

Hi @ripienaar, I don’t know of anyone that has got that hat working yet, but I know several people that are using UART, SPI, i2c ,etc on their RPI3 hats, so I suspect its a configuration setup that preventing the hat from working. What version of resinOS are you testing this on?

Resin OS 2.0.0+rev3 (prod)

I’ll try some of the demo repos listed by those topics in the docs and make sure my fiddling worked