Raspberry Pi 3 ethernet not working on 2.3.0

I have worked with Raspberry Pi’s for years building custom IoT devices. I love what Resin.io looks like it provides! Unfortunately, I’m having a problem testing it. My pi 3 test boards never show up on the dashboard. With the production image (resin 2.3.0+rev1 v6.1.3) I get the 4 blink pattern. With the dev version of that image, I get to the “check dashboard” screen, and still nothing on the dashboard. If I log into the dev image, there isn’t an IP on eth0.

If I use a base raspbian image, I do get dhcp with no changes to the network. Am I missing something simple?

I’m trying a wifi configured image in a few moments, but that won’t work where this will actually be deployed, and we have great wired ethernet in that building.

I’m not sure what else to try. There is a friend headed out to the site where we wanted to test this out later today, and I wanted to get a resin-enabled version out to play with, but I’ve been trying to get this pi 3 to show up on the dashboard for 4 hours now, and I think I might need to send him out with our upgrade in our old custom framework for today. It looked so simple. . .


Doesn’t look like there is a difference with wifi - still no dhcp.

I’m going to try 2.2…

I’ve just tried with a 2.3.0 image on a Pi 3 and am able to get DHCP over ethernet successfully. There shouldn’t be anything you need to do aside from connect the cable and power on the Pi with the resinOS image on the SD card.

Did you make any modifications to the image on the card after writing it? And did you use Etcher or something else to write the card?

I used etcher (have used it for a while, and love it, btw), and I didn’t do anything apart from downloading it from my resin.io dashboard for the app and writing it . . .

I did try it with a 2.7.2 image earlier (with the same result) - but those disappeared from my dashboard when I went back to get a dev build to try to debug this. . .

Strange! Just to verify, you’re using the same Pi, ethernet cable, etc. for both Raspbian and resinOS? It should work right out of the box with ethernet without any changes.

I am using the exact same hardware - stem to stern. The dev image even shows the console logging for the link change when I plug and unplug the ethernet cable.

I have a few things to check. I’m going to assume the issue is on the test network - retest with Raspbian, etc. I’ll let you know what I find. (Unless you have any other suggestions.)

And it is solved. It was, obviously, not a Resin issue. An incredible piece of timing meant that somebody unplugged a cable on a switch right after I had tested with Raspbian - right before I booted with Resin. Problem found, and pi operational. Thank you. Now back to getting this deploy ready - right after I wipe the egg from my face.

Hah, I’ve been there! :slight_smile: Glad you got it figured out!

Just wanted to say how awesome Resin.io has turned out to be for us. In less than a day - even with the network problem (that, again, wasn’t a Resin issue) - I converted the existing app to work with Resin.io and deployed it. That included learning the (simple) process and Docker-ifying a fairly complex embedded application for a system that would then be, basically, beyond human intervention once deployed.

It has worked flawlessly.

Thank you.

Now I get to start converting a number of our other IoT applications. I’m stoked!