your etcher software permanently damaged my 128gb sd card and suspiciously asked me for my password in a very un-uniform dialog, my sd card no longer works and only detects as a 200mb drive
your software is a virus and i will be resetting my entire computer now because of your software.

Etcher is essentially an interface for the unix dd command. Etcher basically just executes dd if = YourImage.img of = /dev/deviceName which copies YourImage.img to the /dev/deviceName.

The dd command requires superuser or root privileges which is why it’s asking for your password. Asking for your password is 100% normal and expected behavior.

It’s likely that an error occurred during the copy that corrupted the partition table of the SD card. This can happen sometimes and has nothing to do with Etcher specifically since it is basically just using your systems dd command.

If this is the case, the corruption is not permanent damage and is easily fixable. I suggest you look on google for “Fix SD card partition” and follow instructions based on which operating system you’re using.


As Jeff pointed out, Etcher needs elevated privileges to actually write the image to the disk. Etcher elevates its permissions for that particular operation. It’s definitely not a virus, and its source code is open source, so you can verify what it uses sudo permissions for.

If the disk got corrupted it can be possible to recover it with reformatting. We collected a couple of suggestions how to do it here:

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