Bluetooth setup

Hi new to Balena sound, Im using a Pi 3B and cannot see the bluetooth on my phone, the instrictions indicate there should be a services screen I cannot see this to see if my BT is running, if im being a stooooopid newbie please feel free to let me know

i dont see how to access the 2nd image from the screen i have

Hello @Alarm_guy1 ,

Did you create the fleet with the “Deploy with Balena” button? It seems your fleet doesn’t have any release, which would explain why it doesn’t work.

Would you be able to check the Releases tab of your fleet (the one you called “Home”), and check if there is a release there?


I did use the ADD DEVICE I have tried with both Production and Development downloads the same everytime

Hey @Alarm_guy1 – the issue on this build is that there is no “Release”. We should see one in the top-right box in the image you shared just above. A Release consists of all the containers that make up the application. Your device doesn’t have any containers on it, which means there is basically nothing running (yet)!

Try this: Go to, scroll down a bit, and click the blue “deploy with balena” button. It will take you back to balena, and in the panel, make sure it is set to deploy to your existing Fleet (which you named “Home” by the looks of it above.)

Many thanks i will try today