Does this application make changes to the router configuration

If so, What are the changes and how to cancel them and restore router to the previous configuration?


Are you meaning changes to a physical router on your network, or are you meaning network settings on a specific device (such as a laptop, PC, or Raspberry Pi) it’s being run on?

Changes to the way the router issues IP addresses, DHCP setings etc.
I ran the Balena Fold forCOVID19 engine on one PI and suddenly Iost access to a bunch of other machines that were doing something else. I can’t see a change in the router’s interface but the machines are showing different IP address from the static one that I assigned to hem and I am unable to SSHo to them.

That is outside my experience. I can’t say that it isn’t something intended, but I feel safe in saying no network device that isn’t responsible for the management of your network should do this.

I would immediately pull any device that makes a “hostile” change to my network and probably start running some scans to ensure there were no devices compromised. I would find that to be very disconcerting. (As a note I am not a network admin or technician, nor do I have the knowledge or credentials to present myself as one.)

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than myself can comment on this.

The Fold For Covid project does not make any changes to an upstream network device, and has no capability to interact with, manipulate, or manage a network appliance such as a Router or Switch.

Thank you.

I did have a problem with duplicate IP addresses earlier in the week which I never got to the bottom of. One of my Pi picked up an address from the static (non-DHCP) range which happened to be the address of my printer. The router was happily showing two devices with the same IP address but very quickly neither of them worked while they were both on the network. So this might be something worth checking if another device is being affected? I can’t remember how I resolved it - I think I power-cycled the Pi and it picked up a dynamic address when it came back but I can’t swear to it.

This does not work for me. I rebooted the machine and the router a few times already and the machines are behaving bizarrely and can not be pinged from the router even-though they are listed in the IP table.

What happens if you browse to the IP Address of the Pi in a web browser on a laptop or desktop PC that is on the same network?

This site can’t be reached error.

And you deployed the ready-made image from Downloaded the image, flashed it to SD Card, and powered up your device? What type of device are you using?

Does anything appear on the HDMI output / monitor?

I did.
When I connected a monitor the screen had the Balena logo and nothing else. There was no way to see what is happening with the machine.


Yes I got the same on the HDMI console, but I sometimes got the web gui instead but mouse/keyboard didn’t work. Maybe there are some hot keys which are working if only we knew what they were and I was choosing one of these while clicking F9 etc?