download etcher electron

hello I would like for download last versus , where is the possibility here thank you

Hello @jibel

you can find the source code of Etcher here.

Let us know if that works :slight_smile:

Hello , I have other version etcher , I have use it and after I received " its necessary install the new version " but can you explain why it’s always in extraction for the last one , impossible to download on my OS debian or gnu-linux… I use it times in times just for install another OS free, it’s complicated for extract it thanks you see you soon

Hi there @jibel - I am not entirely sure what you mean by its necessary install the new version – can you provide a screenshot?

Also, as it sounds like you are a linux user, can you install the AppImage version of Etcher perhaps? Just go to and attempt to install directly from there.


@dtischler , many thanks about your answer, now I have the new one ouf!

Hey @jibel,
Did not understand you fully there. Did you mean to say that you have got Etcher working now?

Thanks and regards,

Yes perfectly for transfer iso in my key usb :wink:

Cool! Good to hear that! :slight_smile:

Best regards,

No problem, goes to next year :partying_face:

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