( resolved) Install it in kali OS

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It’s possible for install balena in this OS “kali-linux” KDE ? I’m not sure , thanks for your help , see u soon :tropical_drink:

Hey @jibel, could you describe a bit better what you are trying to do so that I can help you?
You need to install balenaOS on your system, which is a read-only system. What you can try to achieve is to install and use the same packages that Kali uses inside a container.

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Hi, I have balena-etcher in 3 other OS installed with the balena-etcher package . But I’m not sure to install balena with apper or synaptic or discover…In this OS kali it’s impossible for install balena with KDE . May be if I return in a other hardisk where is the OS where balena is installesd ? it’s clear or not my explain ? :upside_down_face: many thanks :sunglasses:

Hey, so you are referencing to balenaEtcher, and you want to install it inside your Kali OS, is that correct?

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Absolutly , I have balena-etcher in an other OS without trouble .But I’m not sure if it’s in a debian system like kali-linux ! I looking for that when I return on debian OS style XXX

Hey, you should be able to download the AppImage file from the balenaEtcher homepage - most OSs can run this directly, but in some I believe you have to explicitly install FUSE. The balena homepage is here: https://www.balena.io/etcher/

OK , but I’m now on debian buster 10 KDE plasma 5,
Balena are here installed perfectly ? But your information said it’s balena for
download in version “zip” ! It’s not possible to install it with “discover” or “apper” or “synaptic”
For to be honest , I don’t remember how I have installe balena in debian buster
When I want install it, impossible for KALI in debian to
Impossible to use this package after extraction !
Do you have a other solution? thank you , see u soon :slight_smile:


Sorry, I’m a little confused as to the question, do I understand you now want to install balenaEtcher on Debian Buster? The easiest way to do if you’re running a desktop is still to use the AppImage version as suggested by my colleagues from https://www.balena.io/etcher/. However, we also have Debian packages amongst other ways of installing. You can see a full list of releases here which includes the Debian package here.

Hope this helps!

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Yes I’m, now, return on Kali with debian plasma 5, I have download balena the right version in deb. I hope it’s correct for install it , see u soon again , :sunglasses:
Well done , I have install it with “discover” every it’s good , no problem :beer: next times :innocent:

Yes, please let us know if you have any problems installing and we’ll help you out!

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I do that correctly , no problem I put that in resolved , see u soon,
best regards :sunglasses: