Display Logo on Video Stream

I want to use Balena Sound to attach to my Pi to a sound system via 3.5mm cable, then to my TV via HDMI. I obviously want the the audio to transmit via AUX cable, but I want to output a logo (JPEG/PNG format) on my TV via HDMI. What is the best way to do this?

Hi @Jarod.romankiw ,

Welcome to the forums! I think you can do what you’re asking in balenaSound.

You will need to force the audio output to the headphone jack, rather than let auto-detect do it for you. Use the AUDIO_OUTPUT variable, described here: https://sound.balenalabs.io/docs/customization

As for the logo, the balena logo will already show up on the screen when HDMI is connected, since balenaOS runs headless by default. I suspect you may be able to change it, but I’ve never tried myself.

BTW, audio from the HDMI port is much higher quality than the headphone jack. I would recommend you use that instead, and pull the audio signal from your TV somehow.

EDIT: Here’s a post on changing the logo (splash screen): Remotely Change Splash Image


Thanks @koyaanisqatsi!

Thanks for your input!

I want to learn more about displaying images via the balenaOS, so I will do some additional digging in addition to what you’ve provided.