Change video image of BalenaSound client


I have successfully set up a 3 device multi-room audio setup.
My living room is connected through HDMI to our TV, which is then forwarded to our soundbar using ARC.

And this works! Awesome, whenever I want to extend the multi-room synced sound to the living room, I just connect to the PI4 BalenaSound HDMI source on my TV and get sound.

However, I am a bit finnicky about still images on a TV (to avoid etc burnins). Is there a way I can change this image to something else? (Like a black image, in hopes of my OLED to turn of the pixels).
Or dont transmit video, but transmit audio?

Just figured it out, you can simply upload another image here, and restart the BalenaSound:

Works great, now my screen is black, and sound goes through. :slight_smile:
During parties etc I can probably just update this image and add the name of the multiroom master, so they can connect and configure music easily. This is so cool! :smiley:

Hi @znote

It’s great to see that you’ve found the solution! Enjoy balenaSound!

Kind regards