Balena Audio to play video?

I just wondering if it’s possible to play video to together with audio ? If is possible to display balenaos logo on the screen from 3.5 jack so it should be possible to show video any ideas ?

So you are looking to send video along side audio output over a 3.5 jack, is this correct? What device are you using to achieve this?
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device is raspberry pi 3. that is correct 3.5 jack on the raspberry. My idea to play video with audio from my bluetooth device

In theory you should be able to send very low quality video over jack or video, but I do not think it is possible to play audio and video together.
I apologise I cannot be more helpful in this area, but I have genuinely never heard of a project trying to achieve something like this.
Why are you trying to send audio and video over jack?

we have analog output in our busses that’s why we use 3.5 jack. We have device who has raspberry pi with Kodi and it plays video with sound, but the problem is we need it to be sended over bluetooth. So what´s why i was thinking attache raspberry pi with balena audio

@spiglys welcome to the forums! Are you using the balenaSound project? If so this doesn’t support any sort of video streaming as it stands, it acts as a bluetooth audio receiver and outputs only audio via the 3.5mm jack, HDMI or a DAC HAT.

If I’m understanding you correctly you have analog video screens connected to the 3.5mm jack on a Raspberry Pi but you want to do this wirelessly? Are you trying to separate the screen from the Raspberry Pi and hence need to send both audio and video wirelessly, or are you just trying to send the audio via bluetooth?

If you’re trying to send just the audio via bluetooth to another Raspberry Pi the balenaSound project can act as the receiver but not the sender.

basically what we have in our busses is beam mobile routers, they have modem and raspberry pi with installed Kodi player then it’s connected thue 3.5 jack who goes to radio-video stereo device installed in the bus and then signal goes to analog TV so we can play video´s with sound. but we need to have solution to play let’s say phone or pc, to connect wirelessly wifi or bluetooth to some device like raspberry pi or similar to play videos in this way.And as I connected raspberry pi with belena audio and noticed that is display balena logo on the screen when i came with the question if is not possible to play video same way as raspberry pi with kodi installed do.

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So, as we understand it, you currently have Raspberry Pis that are installed on buses which receive data via a mobile receiver, and you then deliver a mixed video/audio signal via the 3.5mm stereo jack on the Pi to an analogue television.

Unfortunately, we’re still not quite sure what you then want to do. Do you want to devices to connect to the Pi via bluetooth and then deliver the video/audio to those devices (phone or PC)? Or are you talking about delivering data to the Pi via the phone and PC to play to the television?

If you could clearly describe what you want to do as a series of steps, eg:

  1. Connect phone to Raspberry Pi via Bluetooth
  2. Send video/audio from phone to RPi…

this would help us a lot in determining what it is you want to do.

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delivering data to the Pi via the phone and PC to play to the television


From what you’ve said, it sounds like you want to run a DIAL server ( on your Pi to allow media to be sent for it to display. This is definitely possible, but we do not have any projects that do this. Therefore the following link may well be of help, where someone has implemented a demo DIAL server for a Pi:

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thanks I will look at it