Disabling/turning off WiFi

I’m running Hassio on an RPi3 which uses the resinOS. When I first setup Hass.io/resinOS, I used WiFi to connect to my home network by modifying the configuration file in /system-connections per the instructions on the resinOS website (https://docs.resin.io/deployment/network/2.0.0/). I decided I no longer want to use WiFi but instead connect to my router via ethernet. I turned off my RPi3, removed the SD card and inserted the SD card into my computer. I then deleted the resin-wifi configuration file in the /system-connections folder and reinserted the SD card back into the RPi3 and powered it up with it now being connected via ethernet. However, I’m still showing my RPi3 connecting to my network via WiFi.

Any ideas what I’m missing here? How is my RPi3/resinOS still connecting to my network without the resin-wifi configuration file?

Well, I think I figured it out. It turns out when I deleted the resin-wifi file, it wasn’t completely deleted. I noticed when I inserted the SD card back into my computer that the trash bin showed the resin-wifi file again. After I emptied my trash bin, I ejected the SD card and put it back into my RPi3. It’s no longer showing connected via WiFi.

Hi, glad you got it working as you expected.

Not sure what happened but now my Wifi is enabled again. I checked my system-connections folder again and it’s empty. Any ideas how this is occurring? Now my RPi3 is connected via ethernet cable and wifi, but I only want it connected via ethernet.

Hi @shred

The resin-boot partition’s system-connections folder is one place to look, to remove the settings you have to remove the NetworkManager file from there, but that’s not the whole thing. On boot, the settings from that folder are copied over to the resin-state partition, and are used from there. This is because resin-boot is easy to modify on all OS (being a FAT partition), but not good to use the files from there. resin-state has a root-overlay folder that allows “modifications” of some system files, even the root file system is read-only, as required for example for the network settings management. Are you using Linux as your main machine? If so, then you can check the resin-state partition on the SD card, and root-overlay/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections, and remove your setting from there too. Then it will be wholly removed.

If not using Linux, then it should be possible to remove the settings using dbus from the user container. We have some examples on other operations in the docs ( https://docs.resin.io/deployment/network/2.0.0/#changing-the-network-at-runtime and https://docs.resin.io/runtime/runtime/#dbus-communication-with-hostos is relevant too) and will put together an example to remove a setting in a bit.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the info! This is actually a Home Assistant (Hassio) install on an RPi3 which uses resinOS. The only way I’m able to modify anything that has to do with resinOS is by removing the SD card from my RPi3 and opening it up from my desktop computer. I’ll check it again to see what I can find.

Edit: These are the only directories/files I see on the SD card:

Hello shred,

The image above shows the contents of the resin-boot partition of the sd card.
@imrehg was talking about the resin-state partition (which is the 5th partition on a RPI3 image)
This is an ext4 partition so it is only visible on a linux host.