Difference Raspberry Pi 3 (64-bit) & Raspberry Pi 4 (64-bit) image


There’s an image available for the Raspberry Pi 3 (64-bit) and one for the Raspberry Pi 4 (64-bit). There is however a big difference in version.

The latest versions available are:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 (64-bit): BalenaOS 2.80.3+rev1
  • Raspberry Pi 4 (64-bit): BalenaOS 2.91.1

We have an application that uses Raspberry Pi 3’s and 4’s. We’re currently only shipping 4’s, but old devices are Raspberry Pi 3’s. Sometimes, we need to flash new SD cards from them or we’ve to ship SD cards to devices and we don’t know for sure if they’ll be used in 3’s or 4’s.

So my question is, is there a difference between the images? Or can we use the 4’s image on both Pi 3’s as Pi 4’s?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @bversluijs, there is a difference between the images and you won’t be able to use the Raspberry Pi 4 image on a Pi 3 or vice versa. The best thing to do is probably to ask the person you are sending the SD card to let you know which device they have which they should be able to tell by looking at it.

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Assuming the USB ports are not covered by some kind of case / device is inside some sort of larger unit, then the quickest way for a non-technical user is to just ask, does it have any blue USB ports? – That will indicate a Pi4. All black USB ports = Pi3.


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