Replacing a Raspberry Pi 3 with a 4

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 application with an associated device. The device is a bit underpowered for my application so I’d like to replace it with a 4. I tried simply moving the SD card but it would not boot on the 4 (why is that?). What’s the easiest way to perform this replacement while keeping all the data? I could of course do it manually by SSH:ing to the device and shuffle around the data myself but I’m thinking there must be an easy way I’m missing.

Hi there, RPi4 is based on 64bit architecture so it won’t boot an RPi3 image. You would have to copy the data off the device manually first, then create a new RPi4 application in the dashboard, download and flash the new OS image to the device, push your application (release) and finally copy the data back.